Board & Split Rail

Natural Feel

Many people like the natural feel and sheer beauty of board fencing. The wooden boards blend into their surroundings, making the fence pleasing to the eye and to the environment.

A properly designed, finely crafted, and skillfully installed wood fence takes on an individual quality all its own, enhancing your property's appearance and adding to its value. A variety of woods are available, including white woods like spruce, pine, and fir; cider; pressure treated wood; and redwood. 


Wooden board fence is extremely versatile. It comes in a wide range of colors, sizes, types, and qualities. It can be custom crafted to either match the style of your home or grounds or use as an accent independent of its surroundings. 

Your design professional can create a unique board fence, suited specially for your needs. The fence can be flat, arched, or scalloped. The boards or pickets can be topped with a cap rail to match or create a design. Fence posts can be topped to match your boards.


Board fencing is easy to obtain and affordable for all budgets, as it is available in a variety of grades and standards. The quality of the boards you choose makes all the difference in the way the completed fence looks. Your design professional can help you choose the best type of wooden boards to be used to construct your fence, while staying within your budget.


Proper installation is the key to an attractive, long-lasting board fence. The main problem with wood fences is the premature failure of the posts, since wood does not hold up well to ground contact. Once the posts begin to fail, the appearance and integrity of the fence is compromised. Done correctly by a professional, board fencing can provide you with years of protection, privacy, and value.


Upkeep for a wooden board fence depends on how you'd like your fence to look in years to come. Board fencing can be finished by painting or staining, or let to age to a natural color. Using a good grade of materials and allowing the board fence to weather naturally will give you a long-lasting fence with no maintenance. If you paint or the wooden board fence, the amount of maintenance required will depend on how often the fence needs to be re-painted or re-stained to maintain its appearance.