We hydraulically drive in only true Southern Yellow Pine posts.


A high strength, high gauge wire core, covered by UV resistant plastic, attached to posts forms the makeup of polycoated fencing. It is a very strong and durable product. The lifetime of polycoated wire fencing is further increased by adding an electric strand, which provides both a physical and psychological barrier. Horses are trained that they will receive a shock if they touch the fence. Polycoated fencing is relatively inexpensive, but provides excellent containment and safely. It is virtually maintenance free.

High Tensile

High tensile fencing products include rails made of three wires encased in polymer, single polymer-coated strands, and electrified coated wire. The choices are virtually endless and an produce traditional looks like board or strung wire fencing. High tensile fencing is very popular and relatively inexpensive. Horse owners often choose to make the top wire of fence electrified to discourage horses from leaning. High tensile wire fencing requires little upkeep. Although it stretches if a horse steps on it, it goes right back into place. Similarly, if a tree falls on it or a car hits it, the wire might have to be re-stretched, but it's an easy repair. Wires are usually attached to wood post to ensure a long lasting fence, and the fence is usually between 52" and 54" tall.

Woven Wire

Woven wire fencing is constructed of galvanized wire that is highly visible, rust resistant, and does not require much maintenance keeps horses in the paddock and keeps other animals out. The mesh openings are no larger than 2" x 4", so that the horses' hooves can't step through the fence, making it especially safe. The rectangular mesh has a smooth edge that protects the horses if they rub on it. The material will simply spring back if stepped on, which protects animals from injury and minimizes repairs.

Board & Split Rail

Wooden board (post and rail) and split rail fencing have always been the traditional fences of choice for horse owners. Most wood fences are painted white or black, or are stained to help protect the wood from drying out and to look attractive. While painting and staining increase the life of the fence, they also add to upkeep because the fence will need to be re-painted or re-stained from time to time. Wood fences can be subject to rotting and damage from horses, so they require additional maintenance in exchange for their traditional good looks. Animals chewing on wood surfaces are open to injury, and should they contact the fence with any speed, injury may result upon impact.

Ponderosa Fence

Ponderosa fence offers you the convenience of no-weld, all-steel fencing that is easy to maintain. All steel components are powder coated to provide a beautiful and durable finish and durable finish that does not require re-painting down the road.Ponderosa fence is not only an attractive solution, it is also a practical solution because it is durable. Combining the strength of steel and wood, Ponderosa fence can handle the pressure of safely containing livestock for many years where other fence solutions tend to deteriorate over time.

Polyvinyl Chloride Fence

PVC fence — also known as vinyl fence — is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a thermoplastic resin that’s combined with micro-ingredients to give PVC fence its distinctive color, texture, impact resistance, flexibility and durability. PVC fence is an excellent, low-maintenance alternative to wood fencing. Wood fences must be treated, painted or stained on a regular basis; in fact, the average wood fence owner can expect to spend time and money painting or staining every few years to maintain the fence’s appearance and to protect the wood from weathering. Wood that is exposed to the elements will eventually rot over time, resulting in a less stable fence with a shorter life span.

Chain Link Fence

With a long reputation for endurance and strength, chain link is one of the most widely used fence systems today and offers cost effective and economical solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications.