High Tensile


High tensile fencing is horse-friendly! It won't splinter like a board fence or break away like rigid PVC fence. The rails (horizontal components) of high tensile fencing are constructed of steel wires embedded in a polymer that's engineered to take a blow and tensioned to flex back into place after impact. High tensile fencing is an investment that you can make to keep your valuable horses where they belong, reducing the chance for loss or injuries.

Many Options

High tensile fencing is attractive and comes in a variety of colors, including white, black, and brown, to give your property the look you want. In addition, it comes in a variety of widths to form railings ranging from the thin, single strand look to wider, board-type looks of 1, 4, or 5 inches.

High tensile fencing also comes in electrified versions consisting of steel wire embedded in a conductive coating. Electric high tensile fencing delivers a charge like traditional electric fencing, but the coating protects animals from cuts and abrasions.


High tensile fence has proved to be an effective, reliable, low-cost solution with some very distinct advantages and much versatility. It can be adapted to specific needs from boundary to trellis to anything in between.

High tensile fencing is strong, capable of withstanding intense livestock pressure, and perfect for all types of animals -- horses, cows, sheep, goats, llamas, and bison. High tensile fencing is much safer for animals then traditional barbed wire, with hide damage minimized. Control of deer, raccoon, bear, and coyote can also be more effective and affordable with high tensile solutions.


Proper installation is the important to an attractive, long-lasting high tensile fence. The high tension steel wire and plastic polymer is molecularly bonded – the next best thing to welding plastic and wire together – so that the product is one integral piece, keeping water and other environmental hazards out. When installed properly by a professional, high tension fencing contains no ripples, no wrinkles, and no waves, providing you with years of security, beauty, and value.


High tensile fencing won't splinter, peel, or rust. You'll never have to paint it! The savings add up in time and money. High tensile fencing retains its beautiful appearance for many years. In addition, costly repairs become a thing of the past, as high tensile fencing can flex on impact and then return to its original shape. High tensile fencing will outlast most other fences.