Horse Safe

Polycoated fencing (also called coated wire) provides a safe and secure containment fence for horses and other domesticated livestock such as cattle and sheep. It helps help horses and other animals enjoy their natural environment while keeping them safe and secure. Polycoated fencing is also very effective for wildlife exclusion and for perimeter, cross, and temporary  fences.


A high strength, high gauge wire core, covered by UV resistant plastic, forms the makeup of polycoated fencing. It is a very strong and durable product.

The lifetime of polycoated wire fencing is further increased by adding electric. The electric keeps animals from working against the fence, wearing away the plastic at the points of attachment. Electric horse fencing is a psychological and a physical barrier. Research proves that a fear (a psychological) barrier is much more effective than a physical barrier for the training and control of animals. Horses are trained that they will receive a shock if they touch the fence. Electric fences help prevent injuries associated with some other types of fences.

Low Visibility

Because the overall thickness of the wire is only around .3 inches, polycoated fencing does not obscure the landscape or view, but still provides enough visibility to be seen by both humans and horses. The low visibility of polycoated fencing provides a stress-free environment for horse. Because horses are herd animals, they want to clearly see the other horses. Polycoated fencing is a safe, secure fence that has practically no viewing obstructions, so your horses will be able to see other members of the herd and easily spot predators.


Polycoated fencing requires very little upkeep. Imagine a fence that does not require constant repair or attention to ensure safety for your animals? This will save you both time and money. Simply periodically check to make sure the attachments for the fence are secure.