Ponderosa Fence



Ponderosa wood post fence is a revolution in the fence industry. We’ve combined the aesthetic look of the western lifestyle with the quality, durability, and convenience of the Priefert powder coated tubing. A beautiful fence is a great way to beautify any home or property and increase property values. There is no other fence on the market that combines both the durability and functionality of a steel fence with the beauty and esthetic appeal that Ponderosa fence does. 


All products have to pass a rigorous safety standard. Our products have to be safe for the animal and the operator. Animals can run through board and vinyl fences and work their way through loose barb wire fences potentially getting injured in the process. Ponderosa fence offers the strength of steel for confinement with no sharp edges or barbs to hurt animals or people. It’s truly one of the safest fences you can own.


Ponderosa fence is not only an attractive solution, it is also a practical solution because it is durable. Combining the strength of steel and wood, Ponderosa fence can handle the pressure of safely containing livestock for many years where other fence solutions tend deteriorate over time. Barb wire stretches, wood boards rot and are more easily broken and vinyl breaks down in sunlight over time. 13 or 16 gauge galvanized steel tubing with an architectural grade of powder coat ensures strength and log life of each rail. Each post is domed to shed water and eliminate sharp edges and is pressure treated to ensure long life. No other fence can withstand the elements, animal pressure or the test of time like Ponderosa.