Woven Wire


Woven wire fence systems use four elements: mesh, framework, fittings, and gates. How you combine these four elements makes all the difference in the attractiveness and durability of the fence. Each of these components is available in a range of weights, called gauges, and with a variety of types of protective coatings. Your design professional can mix and match components to suit your specific needs.


When a woven wire fence is designed properly, it can provide you with years of protection and value. Unfortunately, designed incorrectly or with lesser quality materials, a woven wire fence can have problems: the framework may bend easily; the mesh may distort or be damaged by weather, animals, or children; or the parts may rust prematurely because of inferior coatings. Consumers often end up with a woven wire fence with these problems because  they don't realize that all woven wire fence is not the same and choose the lowest cost option. Having your fence professionally designed and constructed can eliminate these problem and provide you with a fence that will give you the most value for your money and that will last for years.


Woven wire fencing is available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes. It easily blends with your property and environment to be non-intrusive. It can add value and style to your property; there are styles available that mimic rod iron. With its unique open mesh design, woven wire fencing creates an attractive and secure perimeter without obstructing the views around you. You feel protected, yet unconfined, embraced by fencing that blends in beautifully with its surroundings.

Installation and Upkeep

Woven wire fences are difficult to construct and are best left to the professional. But when designed properly and built using quality materials, woven wire fencing it is totally maintenance free. A well built woven wire fence will keep just about anything in or out.